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Kuntalika is an artist, illustrator and cartoonist, who loves to play with colours as she brings her quirky doodles and drawings to life. What she sees around her gets captured as a story through her art work, each unique and exclusive from the other. With her head full of funny lines or silly quirky stories, Kuntalika is always ready with a drawing for any situation she comes across in life. The world is her inspiration as well as her drawing board, where she creates stories and breathes life into them with her play on colours.

And that is exactly how the ‘World of Kuntalika’ was born, her entrepreneurial venture in the world of illustrations and creativity. Spruce up your homes and outdoor spaces with unique illustrations from the World of Kuntalika, capturing your world or a special moment that you wish to cherish forever. 

Get customized drawings that tell your story, whether it is a store launch, a brand promotion or any social media post, a logo designed, a wedding invite or any kind of wall art to define a particular space. Even the most serious business can get a touch of fun and immediate connect with the viewer, thanks to her awesome creations. Make your digital marketing content more fun with Kuntalika’s quirky funny doodles. With her comical representation of our mundane life, it is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Her illustrations are able to capture the small touches of humour that we overlook otherwise. Excellent service in the most cost-effective manner is what the World of Kuntalika stands for.  


Based in Pune, this Bengali girl’s creativity expressed as doodles and drawings in her school notebooks were the starting point for her business venture in times to come. Her love for cartoons and animated feature films saw her complete her studies in animation. She discovered her passion for illustrations and comics as she garnered experience in various production houses in India for 7 years. 


Each piece is crafted exclusively from her imagination, working around the detailed discussion and briefing from the client. Whether it is caricatures of individuals for their family illustration or launch of stores, unique products and services, social media posts or marketing content, Kuntalika has helped build brands through her innovative story-telling through drawings. Her clients’ smiles and happiness are what keeps inspiring Kuntalika to create more such excellent illustrations.

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